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 A message for everyone

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Althea Snape

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PostSubject: A message for everyone   Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:08 am

Hi, is me, Althea.

This office is made for you to visit me, ask me questions, drink tea with me, invite fudge or solve your doubts. Be free to ask ANYTHING you want except my age, my romantic life and my favorite music (is going to be madness if you ask for music).

If you have a request for me refering to your RPG Character, first READ the Topics with ROLEPLAYING or RPG titles on it. It Helps.
If you still have doubts, ask me in a new TOPIC.
If you want to ask for something special for your character, then PM me. ONLY if you have a GOOD reason to PM me, otherwise I'll take points from your House.

To talk to me be free to visit me whenever you want. NEW TOPIC.
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A message for everyone
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