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Kingsley Shacklebolt

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PostSubject: MINISTRY GENERAL LAWS   Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:14 pm

As new student, you must know that the Wizardry World have some laws and regulations for every Witch and Wizard e know about. For that reason and, in order to make it clear for everyone, here I present to you the General rules you should follow.

1. Be respectful with the students and the staff. Debate. Argument. But avoid insulting and calling bad names.

2. Try to make your posts for quality. Having a thousand posts doesn't help you to raise your House Points, instead, having 10 or 20 of good stories, or arguments can make your house wins the House Cup.
It means that the Ministry DOES NOT ALLOW SPAMMING (except for the place where it have to be).

3. Check your spelling before posting. Try not to use slang and abbreviations, since is NARRATING - kind of forum to read slang and abbs will make it hard for everyone. Check your grammar. Check your punctuation.

4. I shouldn't say this here, but just to make it CLEAR: GOD MODE is not allowed. YOur Character or YOU (yourself) are just humans. With Magic, but Humans after all. No one is indestructible or invincible. If you attemp to do that kind of Character, I assure you that your Headmistress can create something even worst.

5. Don't change the Story to make it go the way it suits you better. Leave the story as it is, you just have to act it.

6. Do not write for someone else's Character. Interact with them.

7. You can be in more than one topic at once. (I.E: At Potions Class and The Shrieking Shack at the same time). Nevertheless, at the RPG DUNGEON you can only be where you are.

8. At the Ministry we'll be glad if you don't refer all the time with Harry Potter Books, since this place is 20 years in the future.

9. Try to post at least 3 times per week. Minimun. Every day will be great!

10. Don't play the Hero. You don't need to go saving people. You might face the Death, and we don't want that. That means that in the RPG topics, you can chat, interact, pick up, eat with any other Character.

11. If you want to be a Villain, please first PM the Headmistress and myself.

12. Moderators: PROFESSORS and PREFECTS have all my permission to make decisions in the Headmistress or MY absense. RESPECT them as if they were Admin.
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