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PostSubject: ROLEPLAYING RULES   Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:29 pm

Some lines you must know before start playing:

  1. Create a Character for RPG DUNGEON. That can be you or can have any other name and personality.
  2. You can use this character at RPG DUNGEON, not anywhere else. If your RPG Character is the same as your USERNAME please let us know you're out of character with this: OOC with that color and bold font.
  3. That Character need to be between 15-17 years old. (Adult Characters are handled by the staff)
  4. Must be in a Hogwarts House.
  5. Can't be INVINCIBLE.
  6. EVIL is only allowed under Headmistress permission
  7. As possesions you CAN'T have: Time Turners, Deathly Hallows, Horcruxes, Pensieves, Hands of Glory or any Wealey's Whezzers (this products you can have it under Headmistress permission. PM her to know which ones you can buy)
  8. PM the Headmistress for special qualities on your character.
  9. Animagus= Ask for permission
  10. Werewolf= Ask for permission
  11. Harry Potter books related characters= Not allowed.
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